Last December Andy and I celebrated our five year (marriage) anniversary. It was blissful, as we spent the weekend in Door County, Wisconsin at his parent's condo. (Thanks Ray and Mary!) Going to DC in the winter is one of my favorite things to do. The attraction to Door County is it's summer fun; fish boils, ice cream, and sunset viewing. So I think winter time is over looked, but it offers it's own set of fun. And has less tourists. 

While we were up there, we spent the afternoon painting some pottery at one of my top spots in DC, Hand's On Art Studio. Yes, Andy painted pottery, no, I didn't force him. After painting, and taking a scenic drive, we drove along the waterfront of Ephram just as the sun was ready to dip below the tree line of Peninsula State Park. We pulled over, Andy got the camera ready, and I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a quick shot. The camera ended up being a bit too slow, due to the freezing cold temps, but my phone ended up catching one magnificent sunset. 

Feeling proud of my capture, I posted it to Facebook and Instagram (like everyone these days), and went on my way. Later, I noticed that Neville Public Museum in Green Bay was having a photo contest for a Winter in Wisconsin theme. I tagged my photo was the appropriate tag and thought nothing more of it, until last week. I got a notification that my DC photo was picked to be featured in their Winter in Wisconsin exhibit. 

My photograph is in a museum! Say whhaaaattt? I'm beyond honored and excited to be featured along with many others who have submitted their photos. It's great to be living in a state that gives up different seasons, a reason to be outside and take in our beautiful state full of nature and awe. 

If you are one of my two readers, happen to be in Wisconsin, somewhere near Green Bay, check out Neville Public Museum and see the Winter in Wisconsin exhibit!  


I finally made the switch from a commerce blog to a personal one. My whole thought process was to be my own seller and not use a platform like Etsy or Fine Art America to sell my art. But who am I kidding, it's just so much easier! 

I think the change will be good, I am still able to upload blog posts and my photographs, which makes me happy. 

Last week or so I have had been busy uploading photographs from our recent trip to Mexico. Also uploaded a bunch of photos with quotes on them. Let me know what you think! Anyways...

Dream on, luvs....


I seriously need to set a blog schedule. If I want to make this a real thing, I need to stay current. I'll try my best. 

Shortly after my last blog post, Andy and I purchased a new camera. We are absolutely in love with it. We got a Sony Alpha a6000, and it has been so much fun to shoot with. I even got to take to it to Mexico with me in June. Pictures will be uploaded soon. 

Recently, I have been taking the camera out, and doing one of my favorite things, shooting close up of flowers. There is just something so special about photographing plants. You could photograph the same flower everyday, and each day would be completely different. I really enjoy that. 

Andy and I took a drive out to Madison and stopped by Olbrich Botanical Gardens, and really enjoyed ourselves walking around and taking photographs. I have been busy editing the photos today, and will be uploading them shortly. Please take a look and let me know what you think. 

Dream on, babies. 


As Obama's first tweet back from his presidency...

"Is this thing on...?"

It's been WAY TOO long since I have written a blogpost, but I have had a strong urge to get back into blogging again. What better time than now? 

When I started this website, it was with full intention of selling my art and photography through this site than using Etsy because Etsy had went public, and rumors went around that big box stores like Target could start selling on the site, and would leave little artists like myself to fend for themselves in the big sea of sales. In the long run, Etsy hadn't change for me, I still made sales, still had traffic, but I have lost the desire. 

Today I made the decision to "close up shop" for my Etsy page. I don't even feel an ounce of sadness about it either, so I guess that means it was time to close it and start something new. I'm not sure where or what I will end up doing. It's summer here now, and things get busy. And like I said earlier, in this moment of my life, I'd rather blog. 

That's all for now my loves,

Dream on.....



It's not official until it's Facebook official, right? Well that's true, because I announced the launch of StellarFish Paintings on Monday to the Facebook world and I have been getting a lot of positive feedback, which makes everything I have busting my bum for worth it. 

Thank you all for all the love and support, it's been really heart warming. 

In other news, I am currently working on editing all my photography posts so they have a title and a description, which is COMPLETELY time consuming! The nice thing about it is that with every picture brings back a certain memory of that photo. I think my favorite so far is remembering our Puerto Rico (Vieques) trip for our wedding. That trip was such a rollercoaster of emotions, from fuming over a despicable wedding planner, to pure joy of saying 'I do' to Andy, and spending time with our families on such a special tropical island. 

While I could keep on gushing about Vieques, I am going to get back on track and back to editing. I also wanted to point out that in the future, pieces of my art (paintings, plaques and photography) will be available for purchase. As pointed out before, still new to Squarespace and my own blog with the commerce builtin. Once I figure everything out, I'll let you know! 

Until next time, 

dream on, loves! 


Here we go! The first blog post on my very own blog. The start. The beginning. A bon voyage, if you will. 

The thought of having my own webpage/blog has always been on the back of my mind. Many of you know that Andy (the hubs) and I are pretty much blogaholics. I believe this is the the fourth or fifth blog we have started since knowing each other. 

The idea behind StellarFish is a place where folks can come and see the art that I create. Read the stories I post about moments in my life. To get their own ideas and inspirations. 

I'll keep this post short as I have much to clean up on for the site, but just wanted to get the word out there that StellarFish is alive and ready to launch! 

Dream on, loves.